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As a leader in the online gambling industry, Realtime Gaming, or RTG, develops some of the most popular online casino software and is known for their unique slot games and enticing features. The latest feature from RTG is no different.

The Downfall of Online Slots

Online slots are favorites for many casino goers, especially the games in RTG casinos, but it isn't uncommon for players to get discouraged after losing money spin after spin. Activating the bonus round is an excellent opportunity to make up the loss, but is still not a fool-proof way to win. And in many games, unlocking the bonus round isn't an easy task.

RTG's Win-Win Feature Is the Answer

RTG Casinos listened to their customers and increased the winning potential of their online slot machines with the win-win feature. Players who are lucky enough to unlock the bonus round, but still don't win big can increase their profits if the game has the win-win feature. If the bonus spin paid out 10 times or less, the win-win feature will pay as well.

Win-Win with Hockey Hero

Hockey Hero is the first RTG casino game to feature the win-win bonus. The bonus round is unlocked when a player bets one coin on each of the 25 paylines and the win-win feature activates when the bonus payout is less than 250 credits. If a player gets two clock symbols, the bonus round is over, but with the win-win feature, he or she could win up to 5,000 coins.

RTG Casino's win-win feature is making online slots even more exciting. The potential to win up to 5,000 coins is quite an attractive bonus.